The Beginning

In the beginning there was…well, who can truly say what existed? Even the Gods do not know what existed before them. Though the oldest among them have been around longer than anything that has lived in Faeregoth, they have not existed since the dawn of time itself, and it is said that even they do not know how they came into being. Countless stories exist to explain the origin of our world and the various creatures that dwell therein. Certainly many races claim to have been the first race, or the most favored of one God or another, superior to the others by Divine Providence. We who follow Eldoth seek to separate the wheat from the chaff, to winnow away that which is superfluous and put together the truth of our past and present in hopes that we might learn from it in order to avoid repeating the mistakes of those who have gone before us. That has long been the sacred duty of my Order…to compose the greatest tale a historian could ever hope to write: the story of our Past.

It is said that Faeregoth began its existence as a seemingly lifeless rock, floating in the darkness of the Void like so many others for countless millennia until one day it was noticed by the Sun. The Sun was curious and began calling out to these wanderers in the Void, drawing them nearer so that She could examine them. Many heeded the Her call and came closer, circling around the Sun and basking in her warmth and light, awakening from a lifelong slumber. Faeregoth was one of these. Some dared to venture ever closer, seeking to touch Her majesty only to find themselves consumed by Her. This caused the rest to be fearful, and so most remained far from the Sun, at the edges of Her reach, so far away that Her light was only a distant glimmer, like unto the flickering of a candle. There they remained, even to this day fearful of Her influence, yet still curious, ever circling about Her until at last their curiosity grows too strong and they began to creep ever closer to Her, often lighting up the night sky with their brilliance as they at last cast aside their fear and seek Her embrace.

Such was our World when the Gods first found it…an elemental land of clinging to a Light in the surrounding Darkness. From whence the Gods came, not even they know, it is said. Many stories tell that they were born here in Faeregoth, molded by the Sun from the bare elements: Stone, Fire, Water and Air. Others tell that the Gods once floated lifeless in the Void, like Faeregoth, but were awakened by the presence of the Sun. Given the central role that the Sun plays in so many of these stories, it should be of little surprise that the Sun is often venerated as a Deity by many primitive cultures throughout history, and still to this day. It is worth noting, however, that no clerics have ever been shown to derive Divine power directly from the Sun, nor have any Gods ever been able to claim dominance over Her. Whatever Her true nature, it is not the same as the Divine…but I digress. Regardless of their origin, most stories agree that the Elder Gods came first unto Faeregoth, and all other life came after. Their arrival marked the dawning of the First Age.

-From the Historical Writings of Oldeth Dawnsinger, Scribe of Eldoth

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The Beginning

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