Description: Goddess of Water, Oceans and Tempests

Patron: Chief Deity of the Merfolk and Aquatic Races

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Symbol: Wave

Domains: Evil, Law, Magic and Water

Favored Weapon: Trident

Neira, called Stormheart, the Lady of the Water and Mistress of the Sea, is the opposite of her sister Aeris in every way. Neira is dark, brooding, seductive and manipulative. She is as constant as the tide, a source of bounty and life or destruction and death. Despite her dark nature, she is revered by civilized races who ply the seas, prayed to by the sailors at sea and their loved ones back home. She is the creator of the merfolk, and many other aquatic races, all of whom dwell within or near her beloved oceans.

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