Description: God of Death, Decay and Darkness

Patron: Evil Necromancers, Humanoids and the Undead

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Symbol: Skull

Domains: Death, Evil, Knowledge and Magic

Favored Weapon: Dagger

Morgion is the second son of Neira and Pyros, and also the second to fill the role of God of Death. Morgion rose to his station after his older brother Azoth was stripped of his godhood and banished to the Void, taking on the role of God of Death without a word. Morgion is, by all accounts, a very serious God. His followers refer to him as the Silent Lord, for it is said that he never speaks. All who perish must pass through his domain before passing on to their final resting place. Though he draws his strength from death, Morgion does not crave murder, war or the untimely demise for he knows the value of patience, and realizes that eventually everyone will walk through his halls.

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