Description: Goddess of Freedom and Travelers

Patron: Gypsies, Merchants and Wanderers

Alignment: Neutral Good

Symbol: Wheel

Domains: Good, Luck and Travel

Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

The daughter of Loriel, Liira champions freedom and self-determination. She is the patron of travelers and wanderers, of gypsies and merchants. She is counted among the deities of the elven pantheon, though most of her followers tend to be human. Liira also holds halflings dear, as many of them lead a nomadic lifestyle. During the War of the Gods, Liira was taken and imprisoned by the bestial God Agranal, who cruelly used her until at last she was freed. From that point on, Liira became a wanderer herself, guiding travelers and protecting the freedom of others. It is said that she inspires wanderlust in her followers, encouraging them to travel and explore, but always reminding them that freedom is a precious thing that is to be cherished and cared for. Her followers count the followers of Agranal as their sworn enemies, for Agranal is known to revel in slavery and oppression, delighting in hate, fear and the torment of others.

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