Description: Goddess of Birth, Growth and Light

Patron: Chief Deity of the Common Elves

Alignment: Neutral Good

Symbol: Sunburst

Domains: Good, Healing, Protection and Sun

Favored Weapon: Bow

Enowen is the first child of Lithos and Aeris, and often depicted as a beautiful young girl. Her personality strikes a balance between her stern and unyielding father and her spirited and carefree mother. She greatly favors her aunt, the Goddess Aegwyn, and is said to have learned many secrets from her. It is from Enowen that the first races learned the secrets of agriculture, and to her that farmers pray for their crops. She is the patron of mothers and childbirth, and revered by all who respect goodness and light. Enowen is held highest by the elves, for it is she who created their race. Though her symbol is the sunburst, she holds no sway over the rising and setting of the sun, though her followers often look to it for strength and comfort.

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