Description: Goddess of Winds, Plains, Thunder and Lightning

Patron: Chief Deity of the Centaurs

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Symbol: Lightning Bolt

Domains: Air, Chaos, Good and Travel

Favored Weapon: Spear

Aeris is many things, from the gentle caress of a cooling summer breeze to the harshest gale or thunderous storm. Her moods are ever changing and she is always restless, never to be tied down or locked away. Her followers, not surprisingly, are free spirits as well, from the nomadic people of the Great Plains to the wild and noble race of centaurs, whom she is said to have created on a whim. Many a person will utter a quick prayer to Aeris when they hear a distant rumble of thunder, or pray for safe passage when crossing the plains. She is everywhere, and yet nowhere, and always where she is least expected.

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