Abraxas is known as the Father of Dragons, perhaps the first created by Aegwyn herself, and commonly believed to be one of the most powerful creatures that ever lived. Abraxas was not evil, nor was he good, though he was often likened to a force of nature, which seems fitting given that he was the loyal servant of his creator, and he was feared by all but the most powerful of Gods. Before the departure of the Gods from Faeregoth, stories often tell that Abraxas stood watch over the gates to Aegwyn’s Garden, though whether this is some sort of metaphor or the actual truth remains a subject of debate among scholars and priests even to this day.

Abraxas often appears as a character in many stories, usually serving as a source of wisdom or knowledge who is sought out by the protagonist in order to overcome some obstacle. If there is any truth to these stories, then he must have lived to be ancient indeed, for many such tales take place after the Gods left Faeregoth. Many scholars suggest that uneducated people throughout history may have mistaken any formidable dragon for the legendary Abraxas, or simply invoked his name to give the story more appeal. The final tale of Abraxas says that eventually he grew weary of watching the endless cycle of wars and death as lesser beings continued to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors, so he decided to lay down and rest. He fell into a deep slumber from which he has never awakened, and eventually plants and trees began to grow up around him and creatures mistook him for the mountains themselves. Where his head lay became known as the Dragon’s Teeth, and his back the Dragon’s Spine, with his tail curving up into the frozen lands. The stories always say that someday he will awaken, and that will herald the Final Days of Faeregoth.

Most scholars, of course, disregard this story as provincial nonsense and consider it a metaphor for the dragon’s death. There are even some who interpret the story to mean that the final resting place of Abraxas lies somewhere in the Dragonspine Mountains, and assume that such a powerful dragon must have amassed a substantial hoard. Even to this day, adventurers and treasure hunters set out in search of the fabled treasure, following old maps and ancient tales in search of the final resting place of the mightiest dragon that ever lived. So far, however, none have managed to find it, though many have perished while searching…

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