Gods and Empires

The village of Laurel Hill

We are not in Kansas anymore...

CR 1470 (IR 248): M5-D13

The party sets out along a trail following the Laurelwine River south into the Grimwall Mountains, eventually realizing that it was once a road as well. Two days of travel finds them standing outside of the small, halfling village of Laurel Hill, where they are greeted by its wary, but polite, inhabitants. Through conversation, the party learns that they are very close to a lake called the Lady’s Mirror…a promising sign. After camping outside of town for the night, the party awakens to meet the village Elder, a soft-spoken old halfling woman named Violet.

From Violet, the group learns a little about the surrounding area, and also learns that she may be able to help them in their search for more information about the elven ruins…provided they are willing to help her deal with a problem. Apparently the village has new neighbors, in the form a kobold tribe that has moved into the hills north of town. Uncertain of their intentions, and fearful that the diminutive lizard men may prove dangerous should they be allowed to remain, the Elder requests that the party find some way to get them to leave. Should they succeed, she will help them find what they seek, so they set off for kobold territory.

Prepared for the worst, the party makes contact with the tiny lizard people and quickly find themselves surrounded and greatly out-numbered. Trying for a peaceful resolution, Vyeter manages to convince the leader of the tribe to meet with the halflings the next day in order to discuss the terms of peaceful coexistance. Leaving Lucius as a hostage, the sorceror and cleric return the village where Vyeter once again employs his silver tongue to convince the Elder to attend the meeting as well. While Lucius passes the day with little to do, Taran and Vyeter have an encounter with one of the river crocodiles…a meeting which nearly proves fatal for the sorceror. Later that day, a somewhat dramatic meeting between the two leaders in the shallows of a river crossing result in an accord being reached, preventing the bloodshed and loss of life that would almost certainly have taken place otherwise.

With that, the party returns triumphantly to the village, where they are treated to a celebratory feast. In the morning, who knows what lies in store for them?


  • The party enjoys some true ‘southern’ hospitality.
  • Getting bit by a crocodile hurts. A lot.
  • Some successful negotiations lead to a peaceful resolution.

People Met

  • Lefty
  • Violet
  • Luke
  • Dink
  • Stinky
  • Pete
  • A bunch of kobolds

Places Found


  • The gratitude…and assistance…of the village Elder has been earned.
  • Taran and Vyeter each receive 300xp for butchering the local wildlife.
  • Lucius, Taran and Vyeter each receive 1000xp for helping the halflings to reach a peaceful agreement with their new neighbors.
  • Vyeter receives 200xp for his diplomacy skills.

Experience Point Totals



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