Gods and Empires

The Triumphant Return

Home again, home again...

CR 1470 (IR 248): M5-D22

After a very short and restless night, the party begins the return trip to Waylan’s Bluff. Encountering no serious issues along the way, they soon find themselves approaching a welcome sight: Andoth’s tower. There they notice a recent addition to the landscape: several freshly-dug graves not far from the barn. They are quickly greeted by Konii and the most recent employee Slade, who indicate that there has been trouble, but leave it for Andoth to explain. Once all have been gathered in the common area, and a bottle of wine opened, the party is introduced to Maric, Andoth’s sullen apprentice.

Some time is spent relating the party’s discoveries to their employer, and they present him with Taran’s notes for later study, as well as the research notes recovered from the tower they discovered in the Lonely Hills. In turn, Andoth explains that he was recently the target of a group of assassins, and he only survived thanks to the skills of Konii, Slade and Maric. The would-be killers bore no marks or records, save for the emblem of a skull that adorned some of their weapons. All were human males, and every one of them had their tongues cut out. He warns the party to be cautious, and asks that they share with him anything they happen to learn about these men. The appear to have been well-trained and well-equipped for silencing a mage, and Andoth suspects there will be more.

The party explains that they seek to lift the curse of the Fens by seeking out the Forest of Shadows, where they think the other Gray Elven city Adon’sothis might be found, and their patron is supportive of this plan. Andoth suggests that they speak once again to Allisandra and the priests of Eldoth in hopes of finding a map or learning the location of the Forest. Unfortunately, though the priests do have some maps, none show the location of the Forest of Shadows, nor has anyone ever heard of it. It is suggested that they seek out scholars in Riverdale, capital of The Vale’s southern Duchy, where the library is much larger and more extensive. The journey should only take a few days, at most, and the priestess provides them with a Letter of Introduction.

So the party returns once again to Andoth to tell him the news, and of their plans to travel to Riverdale. From him, they learn that Vyeter must register with the Council of Mages if he wishes to travel openly in The Imperium. Otherwise he must hide the fact that he is an arcanist, or else run the risk of arrest for being unregistered. Andoth offers to be his Sponsor, and promises to provide him with the Writ of Sponsorship and registration fee that he will need to seek out a Council Mark from one of the Council Arbiters in Riverdale. As well, he rewards each of them for their efforts with a purse of coins and offers to identify the magical items that they have acquired during their travels.

So the party retires for the night, anticipating the next day’s trip to the city.


  • The party learns of an attempt upon the life of their patron.
  • The location of the Forest of Shadows proves difficult to learn.
  • Vyeter learns that he must seek out a Council Mark.

People Met

Places Found

  • None


  • Vyeter’s acquires a Sponsor.
  • Taran learns that he carries a Minor Ring of Fire Resistance (Fire 10).
  • Vyeter learns that he wears a Cloak of Resistance +1 and carries a wand of Summon Monster I (38 charges).
  • Lucius, Taran and Vyeter each receive 500xp for bringing the history of Gray Elves to Andoth.

Experience Point Totals



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