Gods and Empires

The Road to Riverdale

Time for some city livin'...

CR 1470 (IR 248): M5-D27

The next morning the trio is sought out by Acolyte Burt, of the Temple of Eldoth. He delivers the map that they requested and warns the party that a mysterious stranger, wearing a hooded cloak and face wrappings, came to the Temple late last night to question him about the party’s interests. Thanking him for the warning, the companions set out for Riverdale, and after traveling only a few short miles they encounter a caravan belonging to the Sunstone Trading Company traveling in the same direction. Riding along with the caravan, which is hauling stone and construction supplies, the party makes note that the caravan appears to be delivering their load to a rather remote location in the goblin-infested hills. Pressing on, the party passes the Standing Stones, rides on through Glain and on the third day of travel arrives at Riverdale. Eager to set about their business, the party books a room at the Riverfront Inn, located in the Riverfront Market District, and then splits up to finish their errands before nightfall. Vyeter seeks out the Council of Mages Tower to meet with an Arbiter while Taran and Lucius visit the Temple of Eldoth in hopes of learning more about the Forest of Shadows. The pair of adventurers make the acquaintance of another half-elven Priestess, Rienna Amakiir, who readily agrees to help them after seeing their Letter of Introduction. From the Priestess, the party also learns that one of the other Scribes of the Temple, a woman named Kelendra Flandriss, went missing some time ago. This is of some interest to the comapnions because Kelendra happened to be the resident expert on ancient Valoria, as well as matters of the arcane. As the elf and halfling begin to do some research, they are quickly joined by Vyeter, who has learned that he must return the following day to schedule an appointment with an Arbiter.

After hours of searching through old documents and books, Rienna returns with some good news. She has located a copy of an old Valorian map of the region now known as The Vale. From this, the party confirms their suspicions: the Forest of Shadows used to be located in the area that is now known as the Plains of Dust. They also discover the approximate location of the Whispering Mountain Watchtower ruins, which seems to be located to the southeast of Waylan’s Bluff. The party commissions a copy of the ancient map and returns to the Inn, wondering if the caravan they met a few days earlier was going in the direction of the watchtower ruins. Planning to rest for the night, the party finds a table in the common room to share some dinner. There they discover that the innkeeper, a matronly halfling woman named Verna Buttery has hired entertainment for the night in the form of an alluring human minstrel named Kelara. The beautiful singer, upon noticing the elves, performs a number of elven ballads in almost flawless Elven. Striking up a conversation with the party, Kelara ends up joining them for a drink and catching the attention of Vyeter. By the end of the night, Taran sits alone in the common room while Lucius retires for the night and Vyeter escorts the charming singer to her room.

While Vyeter is otherwise occupied, Lucius is awakened from a sound sleep by a dagger in his chest. Though he offers a worthy struggle, the daring halfling finds himself outmatched by his stealthy attacker and is left for dead on the floor of his room, stripped of his gold. Taran, still reading in the common room, notices a suspicious character leaving the inn and decides to check on his companions. Finding Lucius bleeding to death on the floor, Taran quickly intercedes with some divine healing before running after the cloaked figure who has disappeared into the night. After checking on Vyeter, who seems to be safe and not inclined to return to his own room, the unsettled companions retire for what remains of the night.


  • The party learns that they may have a stalker.
  • The Sunstone Trading Company apparently makes deliveries just about anywhere.
  • Vyeter gets his first taste of bureaucracy.
  • The party learns of a missing Priestess and historian named Kelendra Flandriss.
  • The local library pays off, and the party learns that the Forest of Shadows is now the Plains of Dust.
  • Vyeter makes a new friend…and introduces her to the ‘wolf-pack’.
  • Lucius makes a new friend as well…and manages to lose all of his money.

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