Gods and Empires

The Laurelwine Crossing Ruins

Yup...definitely more ruins.

CR 1470 (IR 248): M5-D10

After returning to the town of Cort, the party joins Slade for a drink in the local bar to discuss their plans. The party agrees to hire him to lead them west to the river, so they arrange to meet in the morning. Unfortunately, their presence attracts some unwanted attention and the party is accosted outside of the bar by a group of ruffians looking to relieve them of their coinpurses. Moments later, the ringleaders have been struck down and the rest flee in terror. Showing mercy, and perhaps some common sense, the party leaves the thugs alive and return to the inn to prepare for their morning departure.

Setting off the next morning, the travelers spend two and a half days on the road, following the border of the Briarwood. Along the way, they are ambushed by an ogre. Though a formidable opponent, the party manages to overcome the brute, who is ultimately felled by a stone slung by Lucius. On the third day of travel, the party arrives at the river to find that there are indeed ruins of an old crossing and one or more towers, but a thorough search turns up nothing. Disappointed, the party pays Slade for his services and sends him to meet their employer along with a letter of recommendation.

Uncertain what else to do, and reluctant to return empty-handed, the party decides to follow the river south into the Grimwall Mountains in hope of finding some clue to the elven ruins that they seek.


  • Racism rears its ugly head…and the party smacks it down.
  • Getting hit by an ogre hurts. A lot.
  • The Laurelwine Crossing was discovered, but the ruins proved unhelpful.
  • A potential employee was sent to Andoth.

People Met

  • Some unfriendly locals

Places Found

  • The Miner Bar
  • The Laurelwine Crossing ruins


  • Lucius, Taran and Vyeter each receive 600xp for dealing with the local thugs…and not actually killing any of them.
  • Lucius, Taran and Vyeter each receive 150xp for defeating the ogre.

Experience Point Totals



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