Gods and Empires

The Fens of the Dead

Don't lose your head!

CR 1470 (IR 248): M5-D21

The party bids farewell to Calithara and sets out with their guides to visit the Fens of the Dead at night. Finding the spirits proves to be no challenge, for at night the Fens are covered by faint apparitions who play out the scenes of their final moments, scenes of combat and death as the soldiers of ancient Valoria slaughter the Gray Elves who fought to defend their home. Silent and insubstantial, the scenes play out all around the party, who are completely ignored by the spectral figures. One figure stands out, however…a tall, proud-looking warrior who seems detached from the battle. This figure stares to the north, beyond the lake, as though waiting for something. Cautiously, the party makes contact and eventually learns that this was the Gray Elf Commander Vis’denal, who was stationed at the Lady’s Mirror watchtower, and he says that he is waiting for reinforcements to come from the city of Adon’sothis. Sensing that he may be the key to breaking the curse, the party decides that they must seek out this other city and learn what became of the rest of the Gray Elves.

Having decided upon this plan, the elves and halflings attempt to make their way out of the Fens, only to find themselves attacked by winged horrors that appear to be flying heads, complete with glowing green eyes, vicious fangs and slimy tentacles. One of the heads utters a horrible cry that causes several of the halflings and Vyeter to freeze in terror. While Taran and Lucius attempt to fight off the monstrosities, the flying heads descend upon the helpless victims and latch onto their faces. Though the strange creatures are quickly defeated, the worst is yet to come. As the elves and halflings attempt to make their way out of the Fens at night, the two halflings and Vyeter begin to show signs of some horrible infection, so the companions make haste to return to the village.

As they make their way back to find the Elder, the strange disease begins to progress rapidly in one of the halflings. While all three begin losing their hair, one of the halflings begins to go mad from the pain as his ears grow into leathery wings, his teeth elongate into fangs and tentacles begin sprouting around his neck. Though they make it to the village, it is too late for the halfling that Vyeter bravely carries in his arms. The head rips from the body of the halfling and the transformation is complete. A new winged horror has been born, only to be dispatched by Lucius. Fortunately for the other two, the Elder is able to cure them of their malady, saving their lives (though not their hair).

While the halflings mourn the loss of their friend, the party retires for the night and prepares to set out in the morning.


People Met

  • Commander Vis’denal
  • A bunch of flying heads

Places Found


Experience Point Totals



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