Gods and Empires

Leaving Riverdale

Keep Manhattan just give me that countryside!

CR 1470 (IR 248): M6-D3

The next morning the party sets out, speaking little of the previous night’s activities. A map is obtained from the Priestess and a pony reclaimed from the Inn. The companions take their leave of Riverdale and decide to investigate the route of the caravan that they encountered several days earlier. Two days of travel finds the party camping by the mysterious megaliths known as the Standing Stones, and on the third day they find the place where the wagons left the road and began finding their way south into the hills. Following the caravan’s trail for a mile or so leads the trio to an encampment with no sign of wagons that is guarded by several stubborn, hostile mercenaries who warn them to leave. Rather than risk trouble, Taran leads the group through the wilderness around the camp in hopes of picking up the trail on the other side, a task which he accomplishes quite easily.

Following the wagon trail south into the hills for several hours, the party rounds a bend and discovers before them a ruined keep that seems to be what remains of the Whispering Mountain Watch. Unofortunately, the ruins seems to be inhabited by a group of hobgoblins who greet them with arrows fired from the top of the towers. As the trio deliberates the best approach, a group of warriors charge forth from the tower to do battle. Making effective use of his magical powers, Vyeter puts several of the attackers to sleep and then displays his superior skills as an archer by dispatching of the snipers atop the crumbling keep using his new bow. Meanwhile, Lucius and Taran deal with the leader of the band, as well as the remaining warriors, only to find themselves faced with two large and angry bugbears. In a matter of moments, the savage humanoids have been dispatched and the companions prepare to explore the ruins of the tower, hoping to to learn what is so important that people are willing to kill to keep it a secret…


  • The party’s suspicions are vindicated as the wagon trail leads them to the fourth of the Gray Elven watchtowers.
  • The tower’s occupants are less than friendly.

People Met

  • Some unfriendly mercenaries
  • Hobgoblins and bugbears

Places Found

  • Whispering Mountain Watch


  • Lucius, Taran and Vyeter each receive 850xp for discovering the final watchtower and dispatching their enemies.

Experience Point Totals



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