Gods and Empires

City Life Wears Thin

Kind of a bad day...

CR 1470 (IR 248): M6-D2

The party awakens to a new day in Riverdale, eager to conclude their business and leave town. They begin by seeking out the Council of Mages Tower in order for Vyeter to arrange a meeting with an Arbiter. The Functionary they speak with indicates that it will be several days before one of the three Arbiters is available, though she suggests that she could probably expedite the process for a nominal ‘processing fee’. Deciding that time is money, Vyeter agrees to pay the extra amount and a short while later finds himself meeting with a Council Arbiter by the name of Laelius Gurges. After answering a few questions and signing some documents, Vyeter receives a Council Mark upon the palm of his hand and officially becomes a registered arcanist. Glad to have that out of the way, the party heads to the Temple of Eldoth next to check on the progress of the map they commissioned the previous day.

Upon entering the Temple it is immediately apparent that something is amiss. Priests and Acolytes are running about, the acrid smell of smoke lingers in the air. The party learns that a fire struck the library late last night, and countless books, scrolls and maps were lost in the blaze. The companions suspect that it is related to their inquiries, and discuss the situation briefly with Rienna before taking their leave. With nothing better to do, the party decides to investigate the disappearance of the Priestess Kelendra. An afternoon of well-placed questions leads the party to discover that two other people disappeared around the same time: a mid-level Council Functionary named Filis Bampton, known for her skills at crafting magical items, and a local Enchanter named Gilvan Greenstem. It seems that Gilvan’s neighbors heard him mention landing a high-paying secret job the night before he closed up the shop and vanished. Filis, on the other hand, disappeared with only a few of her belongings and no word of notice, just like Kelendra.

That night, Vyeter once again seeks out the company of Kelara, leaving his companions to look after themselves. Once again, there is no peace to be found. Taran awakens to the sounds of a stealthy intruder breaking into their room. Going on the offensive, the cleric launches a divine assault on the hooded figure, awakening Lucius as well. In a pitched battle, from which the intruder nearly escapes, the elf and halfling manage to subdue the would-be assassin, awakening half of the inn and summoning the Imperial Guard in the process. Uncovering the attacker’s face reveals none other than the minstrel Kelara…or else her identical twin. Meanwhile, Vyeter is awakened from a deep sleep when his new companion attempts to slit his throat. Naked and unarmed, fearing for his life, the sorceror makes a mad dash out of the bed and escapes by crashing through a window and falling to the street below. Running back inside, Vyeter finds his companions, who quickly tend to his wounds. Searching for the treacherous singer, the two elves find that she has escaped them while the halfling binds the unconscious woman, who they now suspect to be Kelara’s twin.

Taken in by the Night Watch for questioning, the party’s story checks out and they are released. In the course of conversation with the Watch Captain, the party learns an interesting bit of information: the men who attacked their employer were likely members of a fanatical group of assassins known as the Silent Men. Whoever wants them dead has evidently spared no expense. Deciding to forgo their room at the Riverfront Inn, the trio searches out alternate lodgings and stumbles upon a brothel known as the Crimson Pillow. Deciding that he needs to release some tension, Taran rents his own room for the night, along with some company in the form of a young halfling woman and a half-elven woman. Somewhat disturbed by their companion’s preferences, Lucius and Vyeter rent a room of their own…complete with a single, luxurious bed…and attempt to get some sleep.


  • Vyeter greases some palms and is now a registered Arcanist.
  • Books + fire = unhappy Scribes.
  • In addition to the missing historian, a couple of magic-users also disappeared around the same time, possibly for some secret job.
  • Kelara is not who she seems, and Vyeter is left speechless.
  • Lucius and Taran manage to subdue their would-be assassin.
  • Kelara appears to have a twin sister.

People Met

  • Laelius Gurges
  • Kelara’s twin

Places Found

  • Gilvan Greenstem’s shop
  • The Crimson Pillow


  • Lucius, Taran and Vyeter each receive 600xp for dealing with the attempted assassinations and bringing one of the killers to justice.
  • Lucius pockets a coin purse with 509gp, earning back what he lost and then some.

Experience Point Totals



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