Gods and Empires

A Return to Cort

The quest for more ruins!

CR 1470 (IR 248): M5-D07

The clues uncovered by the party’s recent achaelogical expedition, combined with the Priestess Allisandra’s limited knowledge of local geography, suggest that there may be another elven outpost near a river crossing on the Laurelwine, which is rumored to be somewhere west of Cort. With no other solid leads to follow, the party prepares to return to Cort once again in hopes of learning more, or possibly finding a guide who could lead them to the river. Along the way, however, the party discovers that they are being followed and mounts a surprisingly successful ambush upon the goblin scout, thus ensuring themselves a peaceful night’s rest (without a fire). The next morning, however, the party is ambushed on the road by the rest of the goblin raiders, who find themselves outmatched by the party and quickly dealt with.

After finally reaching their destination, some time is spent gathering the required information. The party learns that the river is located to the west, and can likely be reached by an old road that seems to be little used, save by a group of halfling traders who make monthly visits to the town in order to trade for supplies. More intriguing, however, is the rumor of another set of ruins located only a day’s hike north of the town. A human ranger named Slade offers his services, for a nominal fee, and agrees to lead them to the tower the next day…


  • A goblin in the bush is not worth nearly as much as a spear in Vyetar’s hand.
  • A group of halfling traders, led by a fellow named Lefty, make monthly trips to Cort from an unknown location to the west.
  • More ruins exist to the north of town.
  • The local guards are fascinated by strange elves with outrageous accents.

People Met

  • Slade
  • Ernie and Elsie Huddles, proprietors of the Lonely Flagon
  • Gelph, proprietor of the Trading Post


  • Lucius, Taran and Vyeter each receive 175xp for fending off a goblin ambush.
  • Vyeter receives one shiny gold piece (and the adulation of the Baron’s men) in exchange for is goblin ears.

Experience Point Totals



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