Waylan's Bluff

Size: Village
Population: 443
Gold Piece Limit: 200gp
Official Language: Common
Government: Noble Lord
Alignment: Lawful Good
Founding Date: 1414 CR (192 IR)
Temples: Eldoth and Palos
Imports: Stone, metal, and metalwork (tools, weapons and armor)
Exports: Meat, produce, leatherwork, textiles, beer and cider

Ethnic Groups:
95% Human
2% Halfling
2% Dwarf
1% Half Elf

Notable Residents:

  • Baron Reynor Westin
  • Sage Andoth Waylan
  • Captain Peters, Town Guard
  • Allisandra, Priestess of Eldoth
  • Wellin, Acolyte of the Temple of Eldoth
  • Burt, Acolyte of the Temple of Eldoth
  • Bhurkan Shalefoot, Blacksmith
  • Orly Shalefoot, Provisioner
  • Meribeth, Herbalist

Local Establishments

  • Keep of Baron Reynor Westin
  • Tower of Andoth Waylan
  • Town Hall and Garrison
  • Temple of Eldoth
  • Temple of Palos
  • General Store
  • Blacksmith
  • Tuck’s Tavern
  • Stillwater Inn

Waylan’s Bluff is a modest village that sits on the Slow-water River, nestled into the foothills of the Grimwall Mountains. Farms and Orchards spread out from the town center, and to the south a small tower sits on a bluff overlooking the town.

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Waylan's Bluff

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