Size: Large Town
Population: 4818
Gold Piece Limit: 3000gp
Official Language: Common
Government: Noble Lord
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Founding Date: 567 CR (-655 IR)
Temples: Elyr, Palos and Eldoth
Imports: Various
Exports: Various

Ethnic Groups:
78% Human
9% Dwarf
8% Halfling
4% Half Elf
.6% Half Orc
.4% Elf

Important Buildings

Notable Residents:

  • Duke Balaric Orcsbane
  • Judges Velicus Asinius, Trammel Lithicus and Claudia Aculea
  • Arbiters Acilea Volusa, Octavio Calidus and Laelius Gurges
  • High Priest Brennan Artair, Temple of Eldoth
  • Verna Buttery, The Riverfront Inn

Local Establishments

  • The Riverfront Inn
  • The Black and Blue Goblin Tavern

Noteworthy Locations

  • Riverfront Merchant District

Riverdale is a large and prosperous commercial hub. Its success is largely due to its location at the junction of the Wyvern and Vermillion Rivers, as well as its proximity to Dothengar. Riverdale was built upon the ruins of an old Valorian city that was destroyed near the end of the Great War.

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