Laurel Hill

Size: Hamlet
Population: 193
Gold Piece Limit: 100gp
Official Language: Halfling
Government: Village Elder
Alignment: Neutral Good
Founding Date: 1250 CR (28 IR)
Temples: none
Imports: Metal ore and metalwork (tools andweapons)
Exports: Dried fish and other foods, leatherwork, woodcraft and wool

Ethnic Groups:
100% Halfling

Notable Residents:

Laurel Hill is a halfling village located along the Laurelwine River. Many homes are little more than mud-walled huts with a thatched roof located in the hills overlooking the river. Some are actually built out into the swamp and water, resting atop stilts and connected to each other and the shore by a series of plank and rope bridges. Small farms and gardens dot the landscape, and some can even be found on rafts floating on the water. Halflings can be seen busily tending to gardens and fields, fishing from boats in the river, wading the shallows with small, two-pronged spears or tending to pastures that are home to herds of small ponies.

The village takes its name from the tall hill, ringed with laurel trees, upon which sits the home of Violet, the Elder and leader of the village.

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Laurel Hill

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