Size: Village
Population: 312
Gold Piece Limit: 200gp
Official Language: Common
Government: Noble Lord
Alignment: Lawful Good
Founding Date: 1288 CR (66 IR)
Temples: Adaon and Maera
Imports: Various
Exports: Horses and ponies, livestock, wagons and carts

Ethnic Groups:
88% Human
9% Halfling
2% Dwarf
1% Half Elf

Notable Residents:

  • Baron Thomas Hale
  • Kelvin Porter, Riverhouse Inn
  • Treena Barton, Rambling River Stables

Local Establishments

  • Keep of Baron Hale
  • Riverhouse Inn
  • Rambling River Stables

Glain is a small village situated near a bend in the Vermillion River about 34 miles west of Riverdale along the road leading to Waylan’s Bluff and Cort, at the edge of the Grimwall Mountains. The village is a popular stop for merchants and travelers, and it is known for raising fine horses.

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