Description: God of Wisdom and Knowledge

Patron: Historians, Sages and Scholars

Alignment: Neutral

Symbol: Book

Domains: Knowledge, Magic and Protection

Favored Weapon: none

Eldoth is the God of Wisdom and Knowledge, Keeper of Secrets and Teacher of Mortals. It is said that Eldoth gave to the elves and dwarves the gift of reading and writing, and that all other races learned from them. Today, the followers of Eldoth are noted for providing a basic education to all who desire it, teaching students of all ages reading and writing, basic math and numbers, history and more. A Temple of Eldoth frequently serves as some combination of a library, a school and a museum. These bastions of learning can be found throughout the land. Standing out among followers of Eldoth are the Scribes, an order of scholars and monks who have dedicated their lives to chronicling and preserving the history of Faeregoth.

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