Size: Hamlet
Population: 194
Gold Piece Limit: 100gp
Official Language: Common
Government: Noble Lord
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Founding Date: 1442 CR (220 IR)
Temples: Illandra
Imports: Food, alcohol and leatherwork
Exports: Iron ore, some metalwork and wool

Ethnic Groups:
79% Human
15% Dwarf
4% Half Orc
1% Half Elf
1% Halfling

Notable Residents:

  • Baron Alivair
  • Gelph, The Trading Post
  • Ernie and Elsie Huddles, The Lonely Flagon Inn
  • Brogden, Blacksmith
  • Sister Agnes, Temple of Illandra
  • Captain Renault, the Baron’s militia

Local Establishments

  • The Lonely Flagon Inn
  • Temple of Illandra
  • The Trading Post
  • Blacksmith
  • Miner’s Bar

Noteworthy Locations

  • Work Site for Baron Alivair’s Keep
  • Subterranean Ruins
  • Construction worker and militia camp

Cort is a small mining town located in a small valley in the Lonely Hills. Construction has recently begun on a fortified keep and manor for the local noble, which led to the discovery of ancient ruins buried beneath the work site.

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