Verna Buttery

The halfling proprietor of the Riverfront Inn.


Race: Halfling
Occupation: Inkeeper
Height: 3’ 2"
Weight: 39lbs
Age: 54
Appearance: Verna is a matronly halfling woman with a pleasant demeanor and ready laugh. She dresses in simple clothes and prefers shades of red and orange.

Birthplace: Riverdale
Last Known Location: Riverdale
Known Associates:


Verna is the matriarch of her family and runs a very clean and reputable establishment, The Riverfront Inn, which is located in Riverdale’s Riverfront Market District. Working around the inn are countless halfling youth, mostly her children and her nieces and nephews, who she is constantly working to keep in line. She is often seen carrying a towel, supposedly to keep the tables and bar clean, though the children all know that she has quick reflexes and is capable of using the towel to deliver quite a sting to the backside of anyone who steps out of line.

Verna Buttery

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