A pretty patient guy, all things considered...


Race: Human
Occupation: Ranger
Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: 175lbs
Age: 26

Appearance: Slade is a human of average height and build with dark, wavy hair and a full beard. He is a rough man, not because he is ill-mannered or uncouth, but rather because he is used to surviving on his own in the wilderness, or associating with frontier guards and milita. His clothing is the simple garb of a woodsman, and he carries both sword and bow.

Birthplace: Currently unknown

Last Known Location: Cort


Little is known of Slade, beyond the fact that he currently resides in the frontier town of Cort and has worked for the Baron Alivair. He knows the area around Cort very well, and has spent much of his time gathering intelligence on the surrounding goblin tribes and monitoring their movements. Slade is available for hire as a guide, though his most recent job brought him far closer to death than he even realizes. Whether or not his services will remain available has yet to be determined…


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