Any resemblance to other characters is purely coincidental...


Race: Human
Occupation: Barbarian
Height: 6’ 8"
Weight: 280lbs
Age: 28

Appearance: Konii is a giant of a man with a presence, and appetite, to match. Lean, fast and extemely powerful, Konii hails from the Northern Wastes. He wears his tribal tattoos with pride, keeps his long, black hair braided in the manner of his people and speaks Common with a thick accent and a booming voice.

Birthplace: A small tribal village in the Frozen North

Last Known Location: Waylan’s Bluff


Konii is the paragon of his kind…larger than life, difficult to miss and impossible to forget. He carries a very large sword, drinks a lot and is currently a long way from home…and that is about all that anyone knows of him. Despite his loud and boisterous nature, he is a surprisingly private man and speaks little, if at all, about his past. How and why he came to be in Waylan’s Bluff is a tale that he has not shared. For now, he seems to be content in the employment of Andoth, though why his services are required is somewhat of a mystery as well…


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