The Lady of the Lake


Race: High Elf
Occupation: Recluse
Height: 5’ 1"
Weight: 82bs
Age: ~1500 years
Appearance: A frail-looking and clearly ancient elven woman with snow-white hair and pale blue eyes. She dresses in simple robes and bears a holy symbol in the shape of two crossed spears.

Birthplace: Unknown
Last Known Location: Lady’s Mirror Lake
Known Associates: The halflings of Laurel Hill


The life of Calithara has been a sad one indeed. A high elven woman, Calithara was born nearly 1500 years ago, just prior to the fall of the Valorian Empire. When she was but a tiny girl, Calithara’s parents settled among the Gray Elves, in the city of Adon’Solis, in order to counsel them and to help them regain some of their lost elven heritage. Once the allies of the Valinor, the Gray Elves eventually turned against Valoria upon learning of the evil wrought by the Magisters, and so the armies of Valoria marched upon the Gray Elves, slaughtering its people and leveling the once-proud city of Adon’Solis to the ground.

Calithara escaped the destruction with her mother, but her father, sadly, was slain in the fighting. Calithara and her mother hid from the armies of the Valinor, eventually taking refuge on a small island in the Lady’s Mirror Lake among the ruins of shattered watch tower. There they hid while soldiers and daemons scoured the surrounding area for survivors, protected by her mother’s powerful magic and the grace of the Goddess Illandra. They remained on the island, her mother occasionally leaving to hunt or seek out supplies, all the while fearful that they would be discovered. The years passed and Calithara’s mother grew more and more despondent until eventually she wasted away and died from grief and depression. Being very young and frightened, and knowing not what she should do, Calithara remained on the island and eventually made a life for herself.

Clearly a powerful magic user, Calithara continued to keep herself, and eventually the entire island, hidden over the centuries. Sometime in the last two centuries she was discovered by the halflings of Laurel Hill, who respect her privacy and revere her age and wisdom. Otherwise, she has lived a life of almost complete solitude.


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