Andoth Waylan

A grumpy, overweight sage with a bum leg...


Race: Human
Occupation: Sage (Wizard)
Height: 6’ 1"
Weight: 270lbs
Age: Late 40s
Appearance: A large man who, in his youth, was obviously quite tall and strong with broad shoulders and a barrel chest. Now, Andoth has an enormous belly and walks with a pronounced limp. His robes are old and worn, spattered with remnants of a recent meal.

Birthplace: Waylan’s Bluff
Last Known Location: Waylan’s Bluff
Known Associates:


Andoth Waylan resides in a modest tower on a bluff overlooking the town of Waylan’s Bluff. he tower was built by his father, Feldoth Waylan, almost 60 years earlier. At the time, the area was remote and isolated from the Imperium, which was exactly what Feldoth sought. It was located near a river crossing along a travel route used by soldiers and frontier caravans. Caravans often set up camp near the river and would deliver supplies to the Wizard, finding that the location offered relative safety from the goblin Clans due to Feldoth’s presence. The wizard had impressed the would-be raiders with his early displays of power, and they shunned his tower from that point forward. Eventually, people began to settle in the hills below what was commonly known as Waylan’s bluff, where the tower sat. The name stuck, and over the years the town grew larger and more prosperous, attracting a minor noble and his soldiers, a temple of Eldoth, a temple of Palos and many farmers, merchants and craftsmen.

Andoth Waylan

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