A half-elven priestess of Eldoth.


Race: Half-elf
Occupation: Priestess of Eldoth (Cleric)
Height: 5’ 4"
Weight: 103lbs
Age: 46
Appearance: A half-elven woman of youthful appearance, Allisandra makes up for her short staure with a commanding presence. Her long, dark hair typically hangs free, and she is usually seen wearing the scholarly robes of her Order.

Birthplace: Waylan’s Bluff
Last Known Location: Waylan’s Bluff
Known Associates:


An attractive woman and accomplished scholar, Allisandra is a devoted Priestess of Eldoth and currently in charge of the Temple in Waylan’s Bluff. Though she received her training in the provincial capital Coranthir, she elected to return to the tiny frontier town where she was born in order to continue her service to the God of Wisdom and Knowledge.


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