Gods and Empires

The Lady of the Lake

...some Watery Tart threw a sword at you!

CR 1470 (IR 248): M5-D18

The party awakens once again to go and meet with Violet, the village Elder, who has promised to help them in their quest. She offers little explanation, but sends them with the halfling Luke and his companions to meet the Lady of the Lake. After a brief shopping trip to restock on some supplies, during which time Lucius acquires a pony, they set out with the warning that they must travel during the daylight hours for the Fens are not safe at night. A daytime trip around the edge of the Fens of the Dead finds the party camping on a rocky overlook with no sign of an island anywhere to be seen, but the promise that in the morning they will meet the mystery person that can aid them in their quest. The next morning the party is led down to the lakeshore and shown a hidden causeway, just below the surface of the lake, that appears to lead to nowhere. Following the causeway leads them to an island, masked by illusion to anyone on the shore, and there among the ruins of another watchtower they find an amazing garden and its sole inhabitant, the Lady of the Lake.

The Lady turns out to be a reclusive High Elf named Calithara, the last survivor of a devastating war that took place almost 1500 years ago. She proves to be a wealth of information about the former inhabitants of the region, known then as the Gray Elves, and is more than willing to share her knowledge of history with the party. In return, she asks one favor: that the companions visit the Fens of the Dead at night to see the spirits that dwell there and find some way to release them from their cured existence. In thanks, she gives them the only gifts she has to offer: the weapons and armor that her mother once bore. Amazed at their good fortune, the party sets out to lift the curse that has kept the spirits of those who fell in battle trapped in unlife for more than a millennium.


  • Ride the pony is purchased.
  • The party meets their first High Elf.
  • The party gets a history lesson.

People Met

Places Found


  • The story of the Gray Elves straight from the mouth of one who lived with them and bore witness to their destruction.
  • Lucius receives a High Elven Longknife (Keen mithral dagger +1).
  • Taran receives a mithral chain shirt.
  • Vyeter receives a masterwork mighty composite longbow (Str +2).

Experience Point Totals



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